Goracle Docs


Dedicated Team

Goracle is comprised of both full time and part-time contractors, and utilizes strategic advisors to help build the protocol. This section describes our team members.
Goracle's team is divided into four main departments outlined below.
Abdul Osman - CEO
Goracle is led by CEO and founder Abdul Osman who has a background in Software Engineering and Business Administration. He is the founder of two software companies with Goracle being his second successful venture. He specializes in creating innovative web and mobile applications with over 8 years of experience in bringing technological products from ideation to delivery to scale. Under his vision Goracle aims to be the the first enterprise grade oracle network to bring proper decentralization, speed, security, and off-chain computation to Algorand.


Ali Hassan - CFO Finance is managed full time by CFO Ali Hassan who has over 15 years’ experience working in financial analysis, internal audit & risk management for several multinational organizations. Ali ensures that grant, seed funding and treasuries are managed to the highest standards and that Goracle is in compliance with accounting regulations and financial reporting mandates.


Joseph Jones - CTO The engineering department is led by Joseph Jones who is a multifaceted software engineer– having worked in many areas of software including machine learning, DevOps, web/mobile applications and blockchain development. He leads a team of six, devising the technical strategy to ensure Goracle’s technology is not only cutting edge but also in alignment with its long-term business goals.
Julius Githaiga - Full Stack developer
Julius Githaiga is a highly skilled full stack developer with a decade of experience working in senior web development roles. He loves working on complex web development projects making him the perfect fit to design Goracle’s web application to guarantee it delivers both functionality and an excellent user experience.
Egor Shipovalov - Distributed Engineer Egor Shipovalov is a computer scientist with over two decades of experience in various senior software development roles and is a PHD candidate in Applied Mathematics, thesis being in parallel automated planning using C++ and CUDA.. His work has been crucial to the development of Goracle’s Node Runner software.
Samantha Palmer - Blockchain Developer
Samantha Palmer is a highly skilled Computer Scientist with experience as a Lead Data Scientist and Software Engineer in the past and currently uses her skills at Goracle to develop, test, deploy and maintain smart contracts and other blockchain interfacing functionality.
Jesse Wallace - Blockchain Developer Jesse Wallace is an Electrical Engineer with extensive experience in hardware and software development. Jesse is an integral part of Goracle, writing, testing and maintaining smart contracts.
George Njuguna - Senior Backend developer, Integration specialist George Njuguna has more than 10 years of experience in Systems Development with an expertise in project management and strategic planning. George is key in ensuring data feeds from over 50 data providers are seamlessly integrated into the Goracle protocol.
Hardik Gajera - Cryptographer/Security Researcher
Hardik is an experienced PHD Scholar with a background in public key cryptography research such as Verifiable Computation, ZKP, ZKRP, Lattice-based cryptography, and Privacy. His work ensures key components of Goracle will have a complex security system to protect it from any external threats.

Data Science

Ahmed Ali - CDO Data management is led full time by Ahmed Ali who has worked as a lead statistician and data scientist in the past and holds a masters in Mathematics and Statistics. His work has been key to creating models and simulation methods to determine the most suitable rewards system for our ecosystem participants.
Stylianos Kampakis - Data Scientist Dr. Stylianos Kampakis has a PHD in Computer Science and has over a decade of experience in Data Science, specifically in the Blockchain industry. He is an expert in designing tokenomics and his work has been integral to the formation of Goracle's tokenomics. Dr. Stylianos has also published several books and papers on the topics of data modelling, blockchain, and various data science relatied topics.

Marketing and Admin

Halli Ali - Marketing Director Halli Ali has extensive experience in project coordination, developing efficient internal processes and managing all aspects needed to empower a successful team. She has a knack for data, observing trends and works to strategize with and coordinate the rest of the marketing team to ensure marketing objectives are being met and that tasks are implemented smoothly. Adam Kinley - Director Of Strategic Partnerships Adam Kinley is an experienced business development account executive and consultant and is responsible for increasing brand awareness for Goracle and developing strategic partnerships. He accomplishes this by meeting with investors, onboarding institutional feed providers and educating developer teams on network functionality, feed providers/tiers, staking options, validator nodes, and our overall tokenomics.
Andre Bussanich - Creative Director Andre Bussanich is an award winning storyteller with over two decades of experience working as a Creative Director in advertising, video animation, and social media marketing. Using his unique set of skills, he directs all creative projects and shapes the standards of our brand identity at Goracle.
Amal Osman - Social Media Coordinator/Digital Producer Amal Osman has worked as a videographer, photographer, and podcast producer in the past and uses her creative skills to produce high quality videos and other social media content. Working closely with our creative director Amal is tasked with positioning Goracle as a hub for all types of Oracle and Blockchain related content.
Alison Guinane - Generalist Alison Guinane has a strong background in administration and wears many hats at Goracle. She mainly works to support the Marketing team by improving our internal processes and ensuring our outreach across all our platforms is informative, accurate and up to date.


Goracle is advised by several experts with a wide range of skills. The section below describes our appointed advisors. Kyle Wang Kyle is a well connected partner at Valhalla Capitals, a Venture Capital firm that supports founders and start up projects in the decentralized finance space. He bring with him a wealth of experience in building startups and connections that are valuable to Goracle.
Natalie Selamink Natalie holds a PhD in Applied Finance and is the CEO of Prismatic, a treasury management solution and tool for crypto organizations with an emphasis on maximum security and transparency. Not only does she provide extremely beneficial technical advice but she also provides her insight into effective altruism in the DeFi space. She is passionate about how projects like Goracle will change the Blockchain industry and the world as a whole for the better.
Olu Omoyele Olu is a governer at Algorand, graduate of Oxford, Harvard and MIT and Executive Leader with nearly two decades of experience in Financial Regulatory Policy & Risk Management in both the public and private sectors. He has worked for the Bank of England, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Visa in the past. He also serves as an advisor for multiple Fintech startups and Blockchain companies. He provides a valuable blend of financial advice from both traditional and decentralized finance.
dxFeed dxFeed offers the broadest range of data services currently available by a single company in the financial space and has built one of the most comprehensive ticker plants in the world. They are a subsidiary of Devexperts, who specialize in providing financial markets information and services to buy-side and sell-side institutions of the global financial industry, specifically to traders, data analysts, quants and portfolio managers. dxFeed's will provide high quality data to Goracle and advise the technical team on how to most effectively format the data that Goracle obtains for the dApps on the Algorand blockchain.
Thomas Melskens Thomas is an Algorand Ambassador, entrepreneur and Chief Executive with more than 20 years of leading industry expertise in founding numerous companies in domestic and international marketplaces. He facilitates and builds world-class technology management and product development teams, with a specialty in both start-up and scaled growth stages. He advises Goracle on long term growth business strategies.
Ferrum Network Ferrum Network specializes in providing solutions to add token utility, deflationary mechanisms, and relevant Web3 technology to projects across the crypto space. Ferrum advises Goracle on its tokenomics, technology and connects it to other similar projects.
Patrick Sibetz
Patrick is a quantitative analyst with an expertise in equity and derivatives quantitative trading. He assists Goracle with token modelling.
Carter Razink Carter is the co-founder of Webblen, a decentralized platform of protocols used to incentivize physical and virtual community engagement. As a partner with Goracle, Webblen will enable a suite of oracles on top of the Webblen Network, as well as broadcast information between the Algorand blockchain and Webblen.